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How to Polish a Car

If you take pride in your vehicle, then you keep it as clean as you possibly can. On beautiful days, you may wish to go outside and wash and polish your car yourself, instead of paying someone else to do it. Do it yourself car polishing can be an easy and rewarding experience. It creates a beautiful shine that keeps your car looking new and fresh.

1. Wash the car out of direct sunlight.

2. Read the car polish label carefully. Some products will stain plastic trim; others must be applied within a certain temperature range.

3. Work on one section at a time.

4. Apply a 1-inch circle of polish to a dampened, clean, 100 percent cotton terry cloth towel.

5. Rub the polish onto the car body in a circular motion.

6. Let the polish dry to a haze.

7. Use a different towel of the same type (dry this time) to buff the polish.

8. Move to the next section of the car.


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