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How to Wash a Car

The most visible part of your vehicle is obviously the exterior, this is the piece of your vehicle you see everyday, and is the way your vehicle is perceived by others from a first impression visual image. So here is how to wash a car the right way step by step.

1. First step is the easiest and you probably already have it completed, get a car dirty.

2. Now that your car is good and dirty the first thing you do is spray off all the lose dirt you can. You don't want to take a rag and rub the dirt around on your paint, that's like taking sand paper to your paint. So make sure you have all the sand and dirt sprayed off before you go any further.

3. After that you need to fill a bucket with soap and water. Be aware that it doesn't take a lot of soap, so don't over do it.

4. Take your wash pad and dip it in the bucket. I like to start from the top down, it helps to reduce the chance of missing a spot. Go over the whole car spraying off the soap as you go, wash the hood, rinse the hood, wash the fender, rinse the fender, you get the idea. It's very important that you don't let the soapy water dry on the paint.

5. Once you have it washed and rinsed off most would say your done, but not if you want a really clean car. Now you take your micro fiber towel and dry off the freshly washed car. By drying it off instead of letting it dry in the sun you prevent those nasty water spots.

What you will need:

1. Roman's Wash Soap. Don't use dish soap! Dish soap is hard on rubber components, plus it can remove your car's wax coat.

2. A wash mitt made of sheepskin or microfiber cloth. Both materials are designed to pick up and hold dirt.

3. Two buckets w/ Grit Guard Insert. Why two buckets? A separate rinse bucket will remove the dirt that your wash mitt picks up.

4. A drying cloth Roman's Waffle Microfiber Drying Towel makes the job faster and easier.

5. A shady location. (Direct sunlight will dry the car prematurely and leave spots.)


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