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Microfiber is the newest innovation in car care and it is quickly replacing terry cloth and chamois in the garages of professionals and enthusiasts.

Microfiber is a manmade hybrid of polyester and polyamide, a nylon byproduct. The polyester makes it durable while the polyamide makes it super absorbent and quick-drying.


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Roman's Jumbo Microfiber Towel
Roman's Jumbo Microfiber is high performing versatile towel, use it for drying, general cleaning, detailing, and dusting your car.
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Roman's Microfiber Buffing Cloths 3-Pack
Roman's Microfiber Buffing Cloths were developed as the ultimate detailing towel to apply waxes, polishes and glazes. The ultra deep nap pulls dirt and dust off the paint while buffing it to an incredible shine.
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Roman's Microfiber Glass Towel
Roman's Microfiber Glass Towel is a light weight towel that is great for cleaning windows and mirrors, polishing chrome, glass.
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Roman's Waffle Microfiber Drying Towel
Roman's Waffle Microfiber Drying Towel is a perfect drying towel for those who are serious about protecting their paint from scratching, marring and streaking throughout the detailing process.