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Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax

Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax
Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax Cleans and protects in one application with excellent results achieved on all paint types. Made from the finest Brazilian carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax with a very high tolerance to heat. Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax will give you a bright, lustrous, hard, long lasting shine like no other wax. This paste wax contains no clays, plastersizers or emulsifiers to inhibit the UV value and longevity. Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax is so fast and easy to use that it ordinarily would not take more than a half hour to an hour to wax a full size vehicle.

One container of Roman's Carnauba Paste Wax will last up to 10-15 cars.

- Finest grade carnauba
- Excellent water beading agent
- Works excellent on dark colors
- Easy to use
- 8oz
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Roman's Tire Cleaning Brush
Roman's Tire Cleaning Brush

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Lorenzo. B
    I have just competed detailing my Z06 using the products you recommended to me, and I must say Carnauba Paste Wax is incredible.
  • Author: Andrew. T
    Great Wax on silver finish deepest wettest look than i ever had on my Maserati Quattroporte Thanks
  • Author: Tom
    Easy on easy off wax, made my car stunning! Great wax